SoundPLAN Noise Mapping Software (Rail, Road, Indoor, Industrial and Aircraft)

Noise Mapping Software : –

SoundPLAN® is a computer simulation software suite created for professionals working with noise pollution scenarios.

SoundPLAN has four products which serves different applications and user types:-

  • SoundPLAN Noise: Most versatile tool for Professional users
  • SoundPLAN Essential: A compact simplified version for occasional users
  • SoundPLAN Manda: An assessment tool to assess noise at workplace
  • SoundPLAN Sarooma: A dedicated tool for room acoustics

SoundPLAN Noise:

SoundPLANnoise offers you the necessary tools and libraries that you need to execute your projects in all areas of application. Whether it’s a noise study for a building development plan, expert noise reports at the workplace or noise remediation: with its powerful and quality-assured calculation kernel, SoundPLANnoise is the professional solution for your tasks.

Whether in buildings or outdoors, whether industrial or traffic noise: with its versatile tools, SoundPLANnoise is the right acoustics software for every conceivable area of application.

Due to the modular structure of SoundPLANnoise, you can customize the acoustics software to meet your specific requirements. Modules can be added or removed at any time, according to your needs.

Modules such as road, rail, industrial or indoor  noise, the enhanced graphics and mapping features in the 3D Graphics and Cartography and GIS modules,  can be added or removed at any time, according to your needs.

SoundPLAN’s Cartography module contains helpful additions such as the connection to Google Maps, Google Earth, OSM and WMS Server as well as a KML export and import of photo points with GPS data. Cartographic elements and automated graphics output complete the module’s scope.