About Geonoise India

SVI Geonoise Technologies, as a part of the Geonoise group (found in 2006) is committed to promote the importance of Noise & Vibration in India. We market and deliver test systems and instrumentation, partnering with leading companies in the world. We are dedicated to provide our best service by providing appropriate test systems tailored to customer requirements and give our continued support.

We provide solutions to the following areas: 

  • Industrial, Road, Rail and Aircraft Noise Mapping
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in Noise 
  • PAGA coverage study 
  • General Noise Measurements
  • Building Acoustics Measurements
  • Noise and Vibration Monitoring 

We believe that everyone’s wellbeing should be prioritized

Our living and working environment are major contributors to our health and productivity. That’s why we always encourage you to create a healthy and safe environment for yourself, your team, and your customers.

By carefully planning and evaluating all aspects of your physical environment

Sound is one of the elements that creates your environment as a whole. Acoustic environment affects people greatly, but its effect is often underestimated, especially here in Asia. We believe that the best way to create a healthy acoustic environment is by prudently planning your projects through acoustical perspective.

We help you to do acoustical planning and problem-solving

We want to be a part of a team who truly care about people’s wellbeing by doing what we do best – acoustical consultation. To do so, we are equipped with the ability to do calculations and measurements, as well as valuable experiences that we gain over the years.


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