Measurement System Nor850

The Nor850 is a distributed multichannel measurements system. Reporting in accordance with various standards.


The software Nor850 Suite is connecting a variable number of individual measuring units to create the optimal system that suits any measurement task. Dedicated user-friendly offer the following application packages:

General Mode

The General Mode allows the user to make mulitspecter measurements in all channels simultaneously with various settings for frequency range and level profiles. The profiles have user-defined period lengths from a few msec to several minutes. The results are presented in user-defined setups with both level vs. frequency and level vs. time views as well as tables. Special views for 3D or Spectro-gram are also available.

Quality control measurements are easily made using the two reference spectra possibilities. Each reference spectre may be used as a lower or upper boundary with a Go/NoGo output to the operator.

The Nor850 Suite offers an environmental software extension that enables the user to make audio recordings in selected channels and to insert event markers along the timeline during the measurement sequence.

Building Acoustic modeThe basic Building Acoustics application package includes all required features for performing sound insulation tests in the field. Both the traditional ISO 140 Standards as well as the new ISO 16283 Standards are included, plus national varieties of these. The ASTM Standards E336, E90 as well as the E413 are also included.

In the extended Building Acoustics package the more advanced laboratory test such as ISO 10140 as well as ASTM E1007, E492 and E989 are included together with absorption coefficient testing in accordance with ISO 354 and ASTM C423.

The signal generator offers white, pink or bandpass filtered noise even with user defined pre-excitation of the measurement chambers. The Nor850 Suite additionally offer features for automatic control of Rotating Microphone Booms, Tapping Machines as well as control of moving loudspeaker systems.

Calculation of sound insulation indices with predefined printed reports as well as parameter input in both metric and US formats. Enhanced features for multichannel calibration procedures are available using remote displays and acoustic loudspeaker feedback.

Old measurement project from previous Norsonic analysers may be imported and compared with new measurements using the multi-project feature. Measurement results are re-used in new projects by easy drag&drop functionality.

Sound Power

The basic Sound Power application package includes all features required for making sound power test in accordance with the various Standards in the ISO 3740 series.

The extended Sound Power application package contains required features for making more special tests such as dual-chamber testing of heat-pumps, dynamic testing of earth moving machinery, and similar. The entire test procedure may be controlled by a user defined Scheduler for easy test repetitions.

Appliance Noise Mode

The Appliance Noise application package includes the requires features to perform a full laboratory test of the ISO 3822 Noise emission from appliances and equipment used in water supply installations.

In the heart of the Nor850 Suite there is a sensor database containing all possible information about each user complete list of measurement transducers (microphones, preamplifiers, accelerometers, etc.) including serial numbers, product name, producer, calibration history, verification laboratories, the date of next verification, correction data, and more. The data base may also include similar data for calibrators and reference sound sources.

Logging of DC-voltage levels in parallel with the acoustic measurements is available, as well as direct read-in of temperature, humidity and pressure from external sensors.

Individual units for each measuring channel offer a very high degree of operating flexibility. It allows the user to operate a multichannel system one day – or many individual measuring units another day!

The multichannel system Nor850 is expanding as the needs grow. Start with the new Nor150 sound and vibration analyser, or two units of the standardized Nor140 Sound Level Meters, and increase step-by-step by adding additional Sound Level Meter units – or mix with Nor850-MF1 Racks containing 1-10 measuring channels.

By connecting a number of individual measuring units through various communication channels – including both LAN and USB – the user may create the optimal multichannel system for any task. Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WLAN is also available.

Each individual measuring unit may be homologated by independent verification laboratories that means even the entire multichannel system may be homologated!


The Nor850-MF1 rack is designed to contain up to 10 measurement channels. Each channel module has the same features and specifications as the Nor140, but can only be remotely controlled from the Nor850 Suite via LAN interface. For wireless connection, a router is attached to the LAN connector. The rack is powered by 115/230 Vac or by 12Vdc.

The Nor850-MF1 rack is delivered with a selectable number of measurement channels, and may be upgraded with additional channels as the needs grow. Multiple racks may be used in the same system alternatively in a mix with Nor140 or Nor150 Sound Level Meters as additional frontends. Optionally, selected channels may be fitted with signal generator outputs.

Nor850 - Example of configuration

Nor850 – Example of configuration
Nor850 Reporting Software 

The user-friendly and innovative calculation and reporting features in the Nor850 may be used as individual modules for post-processing of individual measurement files. This feature is available for the building acoustics, sound power and sound intensity modes.

Measurements taken manually by use of the Norsonic Sound Level Meters Nor140Nor145 or Nor150 are imported easily into the reporting modules. Level, reverberation or background measurement files are included into the respective table folders by simple drag&drop technique. Even complete building acoustics files containing all data in one file may be imported.

The full range of Standards for building acoustics such as the in-situ ISO 16283, laboratory ISO 10140 and the national versions such as American ASTM Standards, are selectable. Calculation properties as well as informative text for the excel reports are inserted and edited for the final calculation of the sound insulation indices or sound power value. With the latest upgrade to version 3, the Nor850 allow pre-defined measurement tasks to be uploaded to the instrument prior to test.

Customers may enhance their Nor850 Reporting system to a full-blooded Nor850 Measurement system at any time.

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