Impact Ball Nor279

The Impact Ball Nor279 is a product developed for use as an impact source for measurements of impact sound insulation performance – for example of floors in collective housing.

  • To be used as the “Rubber Ball “ alternative to the Tapping Machine Excitation method in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 Appendix A.2 and the ISO 10140-5 Appendix F.2
  • Fulfill the requirements for a “standard heavy impact source” as given in the Japanese JIS A 1418-2:2019 Standard for impact sound insulation

  • Hollow sphere ball
  • Outside diameter 178mm and thickness 32mm
  • Silicone rubber material
  • Equivalent mass 2,5 kg (+/- 0,1kg)
  • Coefficient of restitution at 0,8 (+/- 0,1)
  • Rubber hardness 40o (+/- 5o)

Rubber raw material: Silicon rubber
Shape: Hollow sphere, diameter 178 ±1 mm, wall thickness 32 mm
Equivalent mass: 2.5 ±0.1 kg
Restitution coefficient: 0.8 ±0.1
Rubber hardness: 40º ±5º
Impact force characteristics: Impact force waveform (Example)

Nor279 - Impact force waveform (Example)